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Bryan & Cecelia Build a Workbench

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

What is a wood shop without a proper workbench? Thanks to a few materials and a little hard work, we now have a great mobile workbench that we can take anywhere in the shop. Let us show you how we did it!

We began by laminating together two 3/4" pieces of plywood we cut it to a size of 6 feet by 34 inches. Then, we determined the height of our workbench bench by measuring the height of our table saw so the bench can double as an outfeed table.

Our table saw is 34 and 1/4 inches. We deducted the height of our casters and the thickness of our table top which combined came to 5 and 1/4 inches. We measured and cut eight boards for our legs at 29 and 1/4 inches.

We constructed each leg by laminating two 2x4s with some wood glue and then fastening with 2.5" screws.

Once the legs were assembled, we cut out rails to go around the top and the bottom of the table frame. We cut four boards that at 66 inches to run along the length of the bench and four at 28 inches to run along the width. We reduced waste and maximized the use of each 2x4 by cutting a 66-inch piece and a 28-inch piece from each board.

Next, we fastened two of our legs to a 28-inch board. After drilling pilot holes, we used 2.5" screws to fasten the top rail at the very top of each leg. We also measured 5 inches up from the bottom of leg to attach the bottom rail.

Then, we attached the longer rails and attached two cross braces to complete the frame for the bench.

Before fastening the top to the bench, we decided to attach the casters that make the bench mobile. We started by drilling pilot holes and then fastening one to each leg with screws. The casters are rated at 150 pounds each, so including the weight of the bench they should be able to carry about 600 pounds.

We laid the bench top on the frame and measured and marked out where to fasten with 2.5" screws.

This workbench is a great size and can be moved anywhere in the shop. We are looking forward to many years of use from it.

Are you inspired to build your own workbench?

Leave your projects in the Comments below!

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1 Comment

Deborah Russell
Deborah Russell
Nov 02, 2020

beautiful love it love you mom

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