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Build a Miter Saw Table

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

The miter saw is on the move! From an old kitchen island to a new mobile table. You can build one, too! Let us show you how.


Miter saw

Table saw

Drill and driver

Speed square

Measuring tape


(6) 2x4x8 boards

(1) 2x4x4 sheet of plywood

(4) casters

2.5" screws

wood glue

We began by measuring and cutting the boards needed for our project.

(4) 41" boards

(4) 20" boards

(8) 30" boards

To maximize use of each piece of lumber, we cut a 41-inch piece, a 30-inch piece, and a 20-inch piece all from the same 96-inch board.

Next, we laminated two 30-inch boards for each leg and fastened them with screws. Then we squared them up using the table saw.

We constructed our frame for the table by attaching 41-inch rails to the top and bottom of each leg with wood glue and 2.5" screws. The top rails were attached to the very top of each leg, and the bottom rails were fastened five inches up from the bottom.

Then we attached the 20-inch rails to the sides of the frame in the same fashion.

Just like our workbench, we decided that everything's better on wheels, so we attached casters to this table, as well. We drilled pilot holes in the bottom of each leg and fastened the casters with screws.

To add a little extra support, we measured, cut, and attached a cross-brace to the center of the frame.

Finally, we attached the plywood top by drilling pilot holes and fastening with screws.

Now our miter saw has a new home and can be moved anywhere we need it in the shop. That is a great feature!

Are you inspired to build your own miter saw table?

Leave your projects in the Comments below!

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Deborah Russell
Deborah Russell
02 nov 2020

beautiful love it love you mom

Me gusta
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