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Build a Reclaimed Wood Picture Frame

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

We are breathing new life into old fence pickets by giving them new purpose as a picture frame.

The only materials needed for this project are fence pickets (or reclaimed wood of your choice), wood glue, and lacquer.

We use a miter saw, a table saw, an orbital sander, and a band clamp for this project.


Special thanks to Alishia Carty with Two Arrows Photography. She is our favorite photographer and took this picture of us last year. We think the new frame houses it perfectly.


We came across these boards during a renovation project last year. We were redoing a rental house, and there was a lot of fence up - just way too much for that size of house. So, we decided to take down part of the fence, and of course we brought the boards back for safekeeping just in case we wanted to use them for something. Turns out we found a great use for them.

First, we cut out the parts of each fence picket that had screw holes in them.

Next, we cut a quarter inch rabbet down the side of the board for the picture and the glass to sit in. Bryan cut the rabbet down the whole length of each side of the board before cutting it into sections.

Then he ripped the board to an inch and three quarters down each side, because that is the width of our

picture frame.

The next step in the project was to lightly sand the pieces for our frame. We gently sanded them just enough to knock off some of the roughness but keep kind of a distressed look.

We calculated the measurements for each of our boards and cut the top and bottom at 11 inches each, and each of the sides of the frame at 13 inches.

We cut 45-degree angles on the end of each piece using our miter saw. Then, we dry fit them together to check for quality and to see if our picture laid flat inside the frame.

Assembly of the frame was pretty simple. We applied glue to each of the corner joints and wrapped it with a band clamp. We gave it a couple hours to dry, then removed the clamp and applied a coat of lacquer. I really like some of those warm brown tones that blended in with the gray, and wanted to be able to preserve those over the life of the frame.

Finally, we attached a picture hanger to the back of the frame.

We really enjoyed making this project. The photo was already special for us, but now it's even much more so thanks to the frame holding it. Remember, don't just throw things away. Think. Will they have a purpose later in life? That fence picket sure does with this great frame.

What things have you made with reclaimed wood?

Leave your projects in the Comments below!

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Deborah Russell
Deborah Russell
02 de nov. de 2020

so beautiful love it love you mom

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