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Sourcing Wood from Pallets

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Sourcing wood from pallets is an economical way to source rough but good quality wood for many of your projects. Let's break it down!

We sourced our pallets from local businesses. Most businesses will allow the public to recover these gems - if they don't participate in a pallet recycling program.

Be sure to get permission. It's the right thing to do and could help you avoid awkward encounters.

We simply lay the pallet flat and use a circular saw to cut the pieces loose from the pallet frame. This does result in shorter pieces but works well for our projects. Some people use a crowbar to gently pry the whole board from the frame.

The most common types of wood we've found are oak and pine. Although, we have found some rare pieces of poplar. They're my favorite!

If you're only woodworking as a hobby, using reclaimed wood such as pallets can help make it much less expensive. If you're woodworking as a business, it can really help to boost your bottom line. Plus, using reclaimed wood is good for the environment, which is good for everyone.

Have you ever sourced pallets for a project?

Leave your pictures in the Comments below!

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